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Beijing – PICC Finance Services andSingularityNET signed the memorandum of strategic cooperation, formally establishing strategic cooperative and global partner relations between the two parties. In future, both sides will make full use of their respective advantages and resources, deeply cooperate in areas of AI and blockchain solutions.


“Technical innovation is deeply affecting the transformation and development of insurance industry.” says Gu Wei, CEO of PICC Financial Services Co. Ltd. “Currently we deploy AI and blockchain solutions across a range of proudcts lines and services. This Partnership accelerates our AI development plans and provides a platform for global expansion.”


“PICC aims to move forward rapidly into this revolutionary era of fintech on a global basis. The Studio sees the enormous opportunity of PICC FS’s AI commitment and we have the international network to fully support this bold initiative.”comments Dr. Ben Goertzel, Founder and CEO of SingularityNET.



Comprehensive Agreement


The Strategic Partnership between PICC FS and Singularity Studio provides a detailed action plan for the deployment of AI products and services as well as a comprehensive strategy to support the internationalization of the PICC fintech operation. 


SNET will work with PICC FS to apply AI and blockchain technology across the product line and throughout the service provision process in an ecosystem where AI experts provide innovative solutions and applications. The initial focus is on such applications as smart marketing, linguistic and voice recognition, smart evaluation and settlement of claims, and the use of the blockchain to manage the supply chain and identify fraud. 


Under the Partnership, SNET supports the PICC FS cooperation with world renowned Plug & Play to open an accelerator in Beijing to develop research initiatives, stage training programsand hold events and seminars. In addition, PICC FS will work with SNET’s affiliated AGI Society to promote the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) education and research in China. 



“This sector is moving at a lightning speed” states WangJun, Vice President of PICC Financial Services Co. Ltd.. “We understand the need to move quickly if we want to capture our place in this emerging market opportunity. By working with Singularity Studio it is possible to provide the world with cutting edge fintech solutions.”



“China is a recognized world leader in AI and is renowned for its on-going support of developersand AI enterprises,” concludes Leon Qiu Yuanliang, Managing Director of Singularity Studio responsible for China operations.  “The Studio is honored to be a part of an initiative that will have a global impact. 



About Singularity Studio 


Singularity Studio B.V.isa Netherlands-formed corporation that provides enterprise and government AI applications to the sectors of finance, medical and Internet of Things (IoT). The Studio is the for-profit spin-off of SingularityNET Stichting, a non-profit Netherlands foundation and the first large-scale decentralized blockchain AI platform. SNET boasts one of the worlds’s most experienced independent AI development teams, with technology hubs in Hong Kong, USA, Russia, Brazil, Ethiopia and India. SNET is co-founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel, Father of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and renowned for his work in AI development and humanoid robotics.